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GI Bill

Veteran’s who are eligible for the GI Bill can take any course/program here at Network Technology Academy.

The program we recommend and offer to all veterans under the GI Bill is called the ‘Network Administration Advanced’ program which has been designed to give students the hands on experience and expertise that employers are looking for in today’s market place.

You can find more information about the program below and by calling the office at 617-628-0277.

The Network Administration Advanced program is a 12 month program that includes 4 courses; 2 courses are required and the 3rd/4th course can be chosen by applicants based on the specific job they are interested in.

Network Administration Advanced is a

12-Month Program

Each quarter is 3 months long; 4 per year.

We make 21 Days available each quarter for certification and skills based labs assessments towards the end of each course. This time is used to review the material and have students take practice exams in order to guarantee that they pass the certification exams.

4 Courses included in the Network Admin – Veteran Fast Track package
(3 Required and 3 Optional)

Required Courses:

• CompTIA A+

After the first 2 semesters you will have to decide on which direction you want to take your career. You’ll be able to specialize in VOIP, WIRELESS, SECURITY, or Cloud computing and when the time comes you’ll speak to an advisor to decide which courses to take towards the end of the program.

Hours per week for each class:
22 hours of in class time (not including studying and homework time)

These are some Certifications students will be able to receive upon successful completion of the program:

1. MCITP Certification
2. Vmware Certification
3. CCNA Certification
4. CCNP Certification
5. Linus Certification
6. A+ Certification

The certifications you get will be based on the courses you take while at the Academy.

Since we believe that everyone can get a good job after completing this program, we want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of our students getting a job quickly.

Skills students will have when done with the Network Administration Advance Program

Graduates can expect to have…

• Good understanding of how to plan, design, install, and configure networks
• An affinity for technology, products and services
• The skills to cultivate and maintain internal and external professional networks
• Working knowledge of Networking industry, products and protocols.
• Hands on experience designing, deploying, configuring, supporting, trouble shooting, debugging and administering some of the following Wireless LAN products, devices, and technologies for small, medium, large and/or enterprise businesses such as the following:

• Wireless Access Points
• Wireless Client Association
• Wireless Controllers
• CSMA/CA, RTS, CTS protocols
• RF transmission
• Antennas
• IEEE 802.11 standards (a,b,g), 802.1x Wi-Fi
• 802.1Q Trunking
• Ether channel
• Strong understanding of LAN Switching technologies (VLAN’s)
• WLAN Security in the areas of authentication, encryption, IDS/IPS using Radius, AAA authentication, EAP, LEAP, PEAP, PSK
• AES-CCMP encryption (AES- Counter w. CBC MAC Protocol)
• Wireless Sniffers
• WEP encryption (Wired Equivalent Privacy
• WPA (Wi-Fi Protocol Access), WPA2
• Cisco LWAPP and IOS based solutions

Students will also have experience with one or more of the following
• Protocol Inspection Engines
• Any L2 to L7 protocol
• Identity/Active Directory/Radius/LDAP
• Distributed Computing
• Classification Engines
• Designing management plane with world class configuration and
reporting capabilities
• Designing security policy framework
• Network Management Systems

Time Requirements:

• Each Course goes from 9AM to 2:30pm Mon through Thursday
• 22 Hours for the week of in class time which does not take in to account homework, and lab time.
• This is for full time students
• Evening Classes are also available

Jobs you can get after completing this program:

• Network Administrator in 12 months – Salary $50 – 70K per year
• Help Desk – $45 -$55K
• Computer Support Specialist and Network Technician – $45 – $60K