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As markets begin to shift and the world becomes fully digital, we believe there are growing opportunities in technology. As companies and governments move technology to the cloud, and with the growing use of global networks, there is an increasing need for security awareness.


Addressing these changes, we designed the Academy and the programs we offer to be extremely targeted for today and tomorrow’s IT professionals.


Here is the “link” to NTAi’s “Catalog”:

Catalog 3-2016


Keep in mind: everything we teach is hands-on. These courses lead to the certifications employers are looking for. And when you enroll in one of our courses – or programs – you are going to get out just what you put in… no more, no less.  So be prepared for hands-on training that is challenging and will prepare you for the real world.


Know that when you complete your NTAi training, we want you to achieve success.  We understand the focus is to build your confidence, get you hands-on experience, connect you with a community of like-minded professionals, and make you more marketable so you can be a preferred candidate for today’s marketplace.

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